when you meet someone for the first time

when you meet someone for the first time

take your time to check their I call it
this extra second or two will help you
maintain eye contact just for the right
the time it’ll instantly make you more
likable and increase your charm if you
want someone to enjoy a hard task don’t promise them any kind of reward
it may sound illogical but if people
expect to get some payment they lose
motivation and it doesn’t allow them to
enjoy the activity for its own sake if
you need to remember to do something try
to connect it with some unusual action
for example to not forget to take the
keys to your office in the morning
place a chair in front of your entrance
door if someone insists that you make a
the decision in the hurry they most likely
try to manipulate you the best idea is to decline their offer
if someone nearby is panicking start to
breathe in and out loudly and regularly
the person might not realize it but
they’ll begin to breathe at the same
rate, as you do it, ‘ll eventually calm
them down when you’re talking to a
a person ask them at least a couple of
questions before you start your own
the story’ll prove that you’ve been
listening and the person will feel
important if you’re talking with a
a person who’s trying to manipulate you
look at the center of their forehead
this point should be a bit higher than
eye-level this will make it harder for
the person to lie or try to influence
you asking a question isn’t the fastest
way to find the necessary information on the Internet
try writing something wrong on a forum
you’ll be surprised how many people will
show up to correct you if you’re holding
a drink at a party
don’t keep it at your chest level move
it to the waist level or even lower
experts are sure it makes you look more
open and confident and people feel eager
to talk to you
let’s say you want people at some social
gathering to perceive you as an outgoing
person to someone and ask them a random
a question like I love your shoes where’d
you buy them it’ll be a perfect
icebreaker people love talking about
themselves if you want to check if
someone’s paying attention to what

you’re talking about


fold your arms if the person is
listening to you and is interested
they’ll likely mimic your gesture when
you come to a job interview you get
judged from the very moment you enter
the waiting room whether it’s
intentional or not hiring managers will
take into account how you spend your
time while waiting so take a serious
book with you and read it to make a good
the first impression you can literally wash
away guilt studies have shown that
people feel less guilty after washing
their hands or taking your shower it
even helps if you watch someone else
wash their hands if you find it hard to
get through the whole working week plan
something every Wednesday that you’ll be
looking forward to it can be something small like
treating yourself to a pizza
or watching a movie but when it’s over
half of the week has already gone by and
the weekend is much closer while
preparing for a test or exam chew gum
with a particular taste during the test
use chewing gum with the same flavor
your brain will connect the taste and
the process of chewing with the
information you learn while preparing
and you’re likely to remember everything
much faster

once you’ve learned something find

someone else and tries to explain it to
them what you’ve just found out this way
you’ll understand the whole concept
better and the information will stay in
your mind for a longer time if you thank
someone for their behavior they’re more
likely to act in such a way in the
future even if they weren’t too nice
before you can find out who likes you in
a big company wait until everyone is
laughing and check who’s looking at you
while doing it while laughing people
tend to sneak peeks at those who they
want to be close to another way to
figure out if a person likes you is to
choose a word they sometimes say and nod
or smile every time it leaves their
mouth if they’re attracted to you
they’ll begin to use this word even more
often if you have to deal with angry
customers place a mirror behind you at
the counter when people come up to you
they’ll see themselves in this mirror
it’ll lower the chances of them acting
irrationally and rudely when you ask for
something you need always use the word
because it makes people believe there’s
a serious reason for your request and of

course there is to show you’re listening
to someone attentively look at their one
eye than the other and then at their

mouth keep following this triangular
the pattern for the entire time the person
speaking most songs that keep playing on
a loop in your head are just earworms
but sometimes it can be a sign that your
brain reminds you of an unfinished task
to shake it off listen to the song to
the end singing along all the while to
make somebody stop snoring knock on a
hard surface for example a nightstand or
a wardrobe in most cases this stops the
snoring for at least some time and will
short-circuit that urge to use a pillow

in a bad way


if you want to a SAN important interview
or meeting persuade yourself that you’ve
known the person you’re going to see for
ages imagine how you’re going to greet
each other
shake hands and have a pleasant
the conversation this will help you relax
before the big event
whenever you need to speak in public
take a bottle of water with you once you
realize you’ve forgotten the text takes a
few sips this way nobody will understand
you’ve made a pause because a part of
the speech has slipped your mind
usually, people can only store no more
than seven pieces of information in the
short-term memory but you can increase
this number by grouping different chunks

of data together think of some

the connection between them and you’ll be
able to keep in mind more things
concentrate on all the times you got it
rather than on your failures, you can
even make a list with everything you’ve
succeeded in even if it’s something as
small as waking up on time when someone
is screaming at you try to remain calm
and look unaffected after seeing you so
collected they’re likely to feel even
angrier but later this person might feel
a bit embarrassed to admit your unimportant
mistakes to people who you need to trust
you they’ll perceive you as an honest
a person who isn’t afraid to show their
vulnerable side every once in a while
it’ll work for your benefit for example
people will be more likely to listen to
your opinion in a dispute started nodding
a bit during a conversation it’ll make
the person you’re talking to more
attentive to your words and they won’t

even realize why

if you need to talk in front of a big
and loud audience that just won’t quit
down start mouthing the words of your
speech accompanying it with suitable
gestures so that it looks like you’re
already talking people will notice it
and quiet down almost immediately people
rarely remember the whole duration of
some experience equally when they recall
something later the first and last
memories of an event or person will be
the most prominent that’s why it’s
crucial to make not only a good first
impression but also to nail your last
impression always try to find a way to
leave on a high note like an A-flat or
even C sharp if you have an important
job interview do everything you can to
have it on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday
on Mondays, people are nervous since it’s
the beginning of a new working week and
on Friday everyone is already thinking
about the weekend if you want to impose
your opinion on someone keeps mentioning
it in different contexts you can also
repeat it throughout the conversation
every time with a different expression

your companion will soon start to

perceive the idea as their own because
their brain will label it as a familiar
one always keep a straight posture and
walk around as if you have a lot of
the influence you’ll notice people treat you
with more respect
plus you’ll come across as a confident
person and those are perceived as more
trustworthy reliable and attractive if
someone is staring at you in the subway
look at their shoes don’t give upkeep
gazing this will drive this person crazy
while talking to someone trying to control
your hands showing your palms will
indicate your genuine and sincere and
steepling your fingers will convey
confidence if you think a person
dislikes you ask them for a book to
borrow it’ll create some sort of a
the connection between you two when you
return the book share your opinion about
it with its owner it’ll help them warm up to you if you’re asked to do
something you don’t want to do just says
no people usually expect you to give the
reasons for your refusal you’re
the straightforward answer will discourage
them from trying to talk you into
agreeing a person will like a gift from
you more if you add a note hope you
enjoy it I got myself the same one too
research shows people feel closer to
others if they receive a present their
partners have also got for themselves if
someone’s trying to interrupt you by
talking loudly over you keep speaking
the main thing is not to raise your
voice it should be exactly the same as
before the person who tried to interrupt
you will soon feel awkward and fall
silent most people respect their parents
and believe their words that’s why if
you say you’ve heard some information from your parents
others will subconsciously take it more
seriously now even though it sounds
the cliche that people judge you by your
handshake it’s true you can make a
better first impression if you rub your
hands together in advance it’ll make
them warm and dry if you don’t want to
talk to someone you know pretend to be
really worried every time you see them
in the end, this person will start
feeling worried every time they meet you

as well

and vice versa if you want to make a
person warm up towards you greet them
with all the enthusiasm you have
after finishing your speech during a
meeting or negotiations look people in
the eye and wait in silence you’re
the determined look will affect how they
perceive your words the most crucial
thing though is not to lose eye contact
during these intense moments if you want
a person to do something for you ask
them for a bigger favor first after
rejecting something more difficult
people are likely to agree to a more
easy looking request you can build a
a stronger relationship with someone if
you show you trust them enough to share
one of your secrets but remember to
choose a secret you can spill in advance
before you meet the person you want to
build rapport with people subconsciously
perceive fast speakers who use lots of
hand gestures and talk loudly and

expressively as smart and more

experienced you might have difficulties
with making decisions because there are
too many options for choices at a time
are the maximum number the human brain
can process give yourself four
alternatives at the most and take time
to consider each of them if you want to
build a relationship with someone ask
this person to explain something to you
you might even know the answer better
then the person you’ve addressed but
this will make them warm up towards you
if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep
tell your brain that you did when you
genuinely believe that you’re
well-rested your brain will function
better even if you haven’t slept much if
you often have a feeling that you forgot
to do something at the home start using the
point and call method when you lock the
door point at it and say the doors
locked this way you won’t need to doubt
whether you’ve done something or not
if you ask a person some question and
they’re hesitant to answer maintain eye
contact with them it’ll prove you aren’t
afraid of the answer and the person will
feel more at ease if you think someone
might disagree with your opinion sit
next to this person,
this position is
perceived as less antagonistic your
opponent won’t feel threatened and is
more likely to agree with your point of
view enthusiasm is contagious if you
need people to accept your idea get as
enthusiastic and excited about it as
yeah when they see this kind of emotion
most of them will feel the same people
tend to think others have warm and nice
personalities when they have a warm
drink in their hands that’s why it’s
better to skip on an ice cream date and
invite the person you like to have some
hot coffee or tea instead the more you
overload people with information the
less they like it when you need
something from somebody avoid rambling
concentrate on one or two main points a
joke stops being funny after you repeat
it several times
trust me if someone is trying to have a
a good laugh at your expense in a company
pretend you haven’t heard the joke
clearly, after they repeat it three or four times
no one will be laughing any more people
subconsciously perceive those who smile
too widely as not serious enough to save
your big smiles for your friends and
family and tamp it down at the business
when you’re walking through a crowded
sidewalk avoid eye contact with people
who are in your way look a bit above and
behind them and confidently march
straight ahead you’ll notice people
subconsciously take the cue and move out
of the way, if you feel uncomfortable
meeting new people or giving speeches
start acting as if you don’t feel
anxious your brain will have nothing to

do but it just


if someone leans on the back of their
chair it might indicate they’re tired of
the conversation and don’t want to
continue it or they feel uncomfortable
in the presence of the other person if
you’re working on some project in a
group and want someone to do a
particular task ask them can you get
started on this it sounds like less work
and the person is more likely to agree
but chances are they’ll just go ahead
and complete the task when you ask a
person to do something for your ad you
can always refuse right after your
request it will make them relax and they
won’t feel pressured they’ll also be
more likely to help you if you want
someone to make a particular choice give
them a list with at least three
alternatives the one you need them the
the pick should be the last people usually
choose this option since it’s the
freshest in their minds when someone
tells you an opinion you don’t agree
with don’t object immediately say
something like hmm I see what you mean
then add but have you ever considered
and express your own opinion this way
you’re unlikely to be interrupted everything you say about others
influences the way people see you it’s
better to avoid talking about those you
don’t like whatsoever than to say
negative things about them but if you
can try to find something about them to
never start your request with the words
could you the person you’re addressing
will subconsciously assume this is a
the theoretical question then the answer yes
can mean yes theoretically I could it’s
better to rephrase your request to
please print this document out for me
finally, never forget the name of the
the person who’s been introduced to you call
them by their name right away it’ll help
you reinforce the information in your
mind and the person you’re talking to
will take to you immediately people like
hearing their names it makes them feel
important remember John Jacob
Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name

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