How not to stress at the beginning of the school year

How not to stress at the beginning of the school year

Yes, it is possible not to put pressure at the end of the holidays. For the back to be zen, we rethink its organization and we adopt the good apps useful in everyday life in his family life.

Back to school means a change of pace, a return to work, a return to everyday life and, often, stress. Normal? No ! A Zen comeback is perfectly possible.

We take stock of his previous logistics

The most common method, recommended by most organizational coaches, is to list what made life easier and complicated . This rational analysis makes it possible to treat the difficulties point by point, and to keep the positive elements. If targeting the problems you anxiety, Laurence Thomas, coach, proposes an alternative method:

“Visualize what your ideal organization would look like, and get into it. Do as if it were acquired. This completely changes the mindset: you will be more relaxed, positive, and this opens to more creative solutions. “

Finally, remember that an effective organization is a flexible organization! It requires frequent return to adjust it.

We store and equip ourselves

One day, we sort out cabinets and cupboards to discard or recycle anything that will no longer be useful, and list what is missing. Marie Kondo’s book, La Magie du Rangement, offers a trick to un clutter your house, keeping only what is really useful or “what makes us happy” . When you put away, you wonder how you could organize things in an even more intuitive and practical way.

“Make everyone aware,” says Laurence Einfalt, Personal Organization Consultant. You will no longer hear “Mom where are …?”, And you will be able to delegate tasks more easily. “

Once the sorting and storage finished, we can do the necessary shopping quietly.

We make achievable lists

Too long, our to-do lists tend to distress us more than anything else … To stick to three important tasks , well hierarchized, allows to release his brain without having the impression of a work that does not do not finish. This does not mean that we will not do more, but we have at least the satisfaction of having already completed these!

For more precision and clarity, Laurence Einfalt recommends writing each task starting with a verb, and noting what we are going to do certain, not the “possible”.

Planning, calendar … we adopt the right tools

  • A weeklong hung in the refrigerator, can note all the activities of the family that are repeated weekly , such as work and school schedules, as well as extracurricular activities. It also provides time slots for the household, with a precise assignment of tasks, and a nonnegotiable niche for sports. All studies show that exercise is beneficial against stress, but it is often sacrificed. We must think about the best time, for example in the morning or at noon, when we have time and need to decompress.
  • The family diary is used to register the appointments of parents and children on several mes. It can be a simple wall-mounted cardboard calendar, a classic calendar, a mobile calendar app, or a shared Google calendar. Laurence Einfalt proposes to include school trips, dance gala, business trips, doctor’s appointments, administrative paperwork deadlines … in short, everything that affects the family’s life. It is complemented by reminders recorded on his smartphone. “I also advise planning the next appointments at the hairdresser as soon as you leave,” she adds. Brushing, coffee with a girlfriend … these appointments “pleasure” are essential decompression valves, we expect at least one every month.

We test the apps that help to get organized

  • Wunderlist: this is one of the most known apps. You can create as many lists as you want with the ability to sort and prioritize them, divide them into sub-tasks, schedule reminders, add attachments … Synchronization is done with the computer version of the software. On all media. Free.
  • Remember the milk (RMT) : this complete task manager is ergonomic, with step-by-step tutorials. You can create and manage projects, for a trip or a shopping list. The app allows you to delegate tasks and send reminders over several months. On iOS and Android. Free.
  • Trello: this work tool is designed so that several people can advance on the same project, from the professional file to the baptism of a child … It is about creating tables with columns (“ideas”, “to do “…). On iOS and Android. Free.

On the internet: services that make life easier for parents

  • Scoleo: this website proposes to facilitate the shopping of school supplies. One chooses the list of his establishment, if it is prerecorded, or composes one himself. Then, we deliver at home! A basic list for a terminale student costs around 40 €.
  • Kidmouv ‘: Parents can share their trips to school or extracurricular activities by coming in contact with other relatives close to home. Rates: 2 € for 5 days of research on the site. The exchange of services is free, otherwise the person is remunerated at the hourly SMIC (9.67 € gross).

Books for a stress free return

  • The motivation toolbox, Laurence Thomas and Sophie Micheau-Thomazeau, ed. Dunod, 26,50 €.
  • The Big Book to Organize, Laurence Einfalt and Stéphanie Bujon, ed. Eyrolles, € 23.90.
  • The Magic of Storage, Marie Kondo, ed. First, 17,95 €, 6,90 € in Pocket pocket.

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